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Chaman Surana
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Mrs. Chaman Surana is a smart, independent, accomplished and a protean woman. Currently, she works as a Director at PVEE electronics, responsible for examining the financial statements to ensure accuracy and compliance with existing laws and regulations. Simultaneously, she also serves on the boards of JITO as the Joint Secretary of the Ladies Wing Kolkata Chapter (JLWKC), Jain Shwetambar Terapanthi Vidyalay and Anuwrat Samiti. As one of the initial members of JITO, she was the Treasurer at JLWKC for 2 years and Cultural Chairperson of JLWKC for 4 years before that.

Being a woman of today, she aspires to preach the modern society, how to lead a happy and fulfilled life by connecting the dots with our Jain philosophy. Her clarity of thought and the sensibility to separate right from wrong has inspired many hearts and her advices have changed many lives. Fittingly, she was given the title of “Key for all locks” from her social circle.

She is a voracious reader and a celebrated writer. Most of her songs, poems and plays have been a satire on the societal norms, aiding them to change with the changing world, empowering woman and enlightening families to coexist. “Kanya Bhrun Hatya”, “Arjan Aur Visarjan”, “Maa Mujhe Bhi Jeena Hai” are some of her critically acclaimed work, which has been enacted for the larger audience at Kala Mandir.

Born in 1963 in Sardarshehar, she has had a very humble beginning. In her schooling days, she was a scholar, a topper, a sports captain, college head-girl, elocution champion, she has aced them all. That truly explains her confidence and leadership qualities. Inspite of so many laurels throughout her career, she has been extremely down to earth, helpful and an approachable person who is always hungry to learn something new. For the same reason, she has reached out in support of the underprivileged children and has helped them in every philanthropic way, possible (food, clothing, education, shelter etc) as she believes that they are our future.

Amongst her other multifaceted talents, she is an excellent chef, a beautiful singer, an inspiring wife and a loving mother of three. Her ever smiling face, amicable nature, purity of thoughts, and welcoming gestures will give you a sense of comfort and inspire you to become a better human being.

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