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Saraswati Lodha
About Saraswati Lodha

Mrs Saraswati Lodha is a hardworking Philanthropist & through many organisations she does makes donations to serve our society. 

Mrs Lodha was a proud chairperson of Jito ladies wing and at present she is serving in the executive committee of Jito Ladies Wing. She is the President of Shankeshwar Mahila Mandal and Kusum Sajjan Mahila Mandal. 

She was even accoladed as the Rajtriya Adhyaksh of All India Khatargach Mahila Parishad. Saraswati ji made her valuable contribuitions towards founding it and served as president for 2 years. 

Mrs Lodha has always been a devout lady and lead her life in the most simple way. Her only  motto is to help the needy and do what is best for our Sadhu ji & Sadhvi ji. 

27 years ago Mr & Mrs Lodha have started a hospital in Palitana, named Adinath Hospital.  They also founded Saraswati Upashray where our sadhu ji & sadhvi ji stays and here their welfare and health is taken care of.

She tied the Knot with VijayMal Lodha. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant & they are proud parents of Sanjay, Shreepal and Rajshree. Sanjay ji has his own showroom of Aluminium, Shreepal is doing his masters from MIT and Rajshree ji is happily settled in Hongkong doing her own Jewellery Business.

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