JITO Ladies Wing Kolkata

JLW Projects


Present Corporate Women Leaders
Expected Takeaways : Women to learn about growth opportunities in various corporate organisations & orient JLW members for bigger vision
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Panel discussion of successful women achievers
Expected Takeaways : To motivate Women to bounce back from challenges and pursue personal & business growth also to expand network of Jain Women
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Panel Skill enhancement & knowledge enriching sessions
Expected Takeaways : Women to upgrade their skills & competencies & be ready for newer opportunities and bigger roles
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Swawalamban ( Economic Empowerment )
Expected Takeaways : Women to network with industry veterans to explore growth for their respective businesses & also be a part of their supply chain & also get franchisee & distributorship etc. opportunities for growth
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An initiative to ensure life of dignity for not so privileged members of the society
Expected Takeaways : Special Haat Bazaar & market place for products/goods made by Sadharmik
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JITO Ladies Wing Kolkata

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