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Sundar Banthia
About Sundar Banthia

Mrs Sunder Bantia is a loving homemaker, and for her, homemaking is the most fulfilling profession of this world.  She is very artistically inclined & has acquired special skills in that arena.

Sunder Ji is passionate about enjoying her hobbies to the fullest. She loves to draw, dance & cook. As a self-professed cricket buff, she enjoys playing it. She believes in her moral & social duty towards the less fortunate. She often makes donations to various charitable organisations and has joined Terapanth Mahila Mandal and Jito Ladies Wing for this purpose.

Mrs Bantia tied the knot with Shri Amit Bantia. With his visionary ideas and zeal, he gave birth to Yash Creations. Today is renowned as a famous Wholesaler, Trader, and Manufacturer of ladies’ apparel. They are the parents of Yash Bantia. Yash is studying and preparing himself for a Law degree.

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