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Sushila Sethia
About Sushila Sethia

Mrs Sushila Sethia was an entrepreneur and is now a proud retired homemaker. She celebrates her birthday on the 30th of October.

“Lachak” was her brainchild & business venture. The idea of starting a boutique was growing in her mind for 15 years. Now, with her experience & accounting skills, Sushila Ji has ensured its upwards growth. Mrs Sethia loves to enjoy her hobbies of cooking, dancing, and making new friends. She is proactive in joining events organised by JITO.

She is a working member of South Kolkata Mahila Mandal, Alipore Goshty and Jito Ladies Wing.

Deepak, Anju, Ranjana are the children of Mrs Sethia. Deepak ji has completed his BCOM and master’s & now is taking the legacy of Sethia Builders forward. Anju and Ranjana Jain together run the boutique, Lachak.

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