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Nalini Banthia
About Nalini Banthia

Dr. Nalini Banthia, ND (Doctor of Naturopathy) is a holistic therapist by profession. Her expertise involves a unique philosophy grounded in the six principles of naturopathic medicine, which include holistic, nontoxic approaches, along with an emphasis on disease prevention and optimizing wellness. She celebrates her birthday on the 10th of November. 

Over the years, she has mastered Sujok and Chinese acupuncture from Dr. Park Jae Woo. Her specialty includes imparting a more system-based approach to education and healing. Her main focus is on how a symptom in one part of the body may affect the patient’s entire anatomy and well-being. According to her, definition of health is a complete well being of a person- both physical and mental. To achieve this, she practices art of body balancing, Reiki, color therapy, magnet therapy, twist therapy and smile meditation.

She is currently an active member of Jito Ladies Wing, Veerayatan & Bikaner Mahila Mandal. She has participated in many fund raising and charitable activities. In the past, her volunteer services to Manav Seva Sangh, Kolkata for about 10 years was commendable. She treats patients from different walks of life. 
Her hobbies involve cooking, learning computers, so she can stay on top of technological advancement and spending time with her grand children. She is the proud mother of Sangeeta, Kavita & Ashish.

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